The following is a selection of comments and evaluations from students and clients who offered their insights. I am very grateful for their generous feedback and support.

“Alison creates a safe respectful environment in which to explore, play, and reflect. I have taken two courses from  Alison in the past and found that during those periods of time, my awareness and connection with the natural world was significantly deepened making encounters with ravens, trees, and the moon quite magical. The courses have opened me to the value of wicca as an earth based spiritual practice. I would highly recommend connecting with Alison in any of her workshops.”
 ~ Suzanne H. (Counselor)

"In her Tarot class, Alison has taken what could have been the daunting task of memorizing 78 cards and replaced it with an fascinating journey and exploration.  She uses her deep wisdom and experience with the Tarot to convey the soul of the cards so you end up developing a relationship with each one.  I feel like Alison has introduced me to 78 new friends! Her teaching style is fun and engaging; I would highly recommend her classes."

C.M. (Engineer)

"Alison is an amazing practitioner of the Shamanic arts. The work that I have done with her is the very best I have had of its kind. Alison has done Soul journeying and Soul retrieval with me on two separate issues both times her professional approach and skill level always got to the root core of the issues. Her intuitive diagnostic capacity is profoundly accurate with respects to the Soul journeying and the results are tangible immediately. I am taking this opportunity to thank Alison for her work that has healed a long-standing 28-year-old issue with physical psychological and emotional symptoms. I no longer have stomach pains and my anxiety levels are now normal and manageable. Thank you Alison for your dedication to your craft."

E.M. (Intuitive Healer)

I feel this elephant all the time lately. I've found it to be so important because of my stress problems in the last few years, I've felt wired, like I'm on coffee, buzzing around like a bee.... the elephant is changing that. I'm feeling slower, calmer and far more peaceful. I feel more protective and motherly than I even was before. I feel like my heart grew. There is a part of this that makes me understand how it left before. It was so incompatible with the ridiculous state I was in. 
What you said about retrieving my power animal benefiting my ninjutsu is so true. My movements are more graceful and I seem to be slower thinking, which helps me absorb more of the lesson and do it without many mistakes. Even my teacher noticed, he said my "heart really seems to be in the dojo" now. My thoughts are calmer and more silent somehow. They come nice and slow so I can really deal with them one at a time. Elephants are so peaceful. 
That journey has made me feel much better. Thank you. It's exciting because I know it's something I get to live with and grow and learn from more.

E. N. (Single Mom)

"Alison has been an amazing guide for me in my spiritual growth. With her help I have come to inhabit my own body, spirit, and mind. Alison has a very gentle, yet knowing approach which has allowed me to reveal and accept my Self, with all of my gifts and imperfections, so that I am now wholly me." - Katy H.

I have worked with Alison as a facilitator and guide through a deep process of self-discovery and have found her to be an incredible support, mentor and teacher as well as a friend. What I most appreciate is her ability to use a wide range of approaches, from Tarot and divination to guided shamanic journeys and meditations, to help me access my own inner world and bring to light that which needs to be seen. Never prescriptive or hokus pocusy, her consultations are rather an amazing opportunity to tune in to the subtleties of my own conscious and unconscious patterns, beliefs and concerns and to create new possibilities for intentional action based on that increased self awareness. Tammy B.