Tarot Consultation & Chakra Reading 

“What we are blind to binds us." 

The Tarot, as a tool for creative consciousness contains a wealth of wisdom, and is as vast and layered a form of communication as any of the Arts. A reading will empower and enlighten your life’s journey and is often a catalyst for transformational healing.

Divination is a direct conversation with Spirit, an experience of becoming the “hollow bone”, a clear channel for divine loving guidance. A reading is a collaborative experience, where we make contact with the ‘Mystery’ of the Self with the assistance of Spirit. Through the cards symbols and metaphoric imagery we encounter clear messages that inform and assist in the navigation of our evolving consciousness. Possibilities and potentialities can be entertained and explored and transformational opportunities revealed.

I draw on over 35 years of expertise and all readings are customized to address your specific questions and issues, addressing all concerns. I will include a ‘Tree of Life’ Chakra reading to look at seven aspects of your question from the most physical to the most spiritual. Blocks to self growth will be identified and examined along with the strengths that may help transform them.

To book a reading in Victoria BC call 250-380-1479.

"Skype" or “FaceTime" readings also available by arrangement.

Some comments from past clients:

tarot"I have had several Tarot readings from Alison Skelton, and they have always been thorough and insightful. Alison has a way of describing what the cards are showing her that in turn shows me what currents are operating in my life at that time, what is likely to come up for me, and also where these currents have come from. I come away from a reading feeling that life is very rich, though not always easy, and I have a clearer picture of my life situation and the options that are open to me. I have recommended to several friends that they go and consult Alison, and all of their reports of her readings have been enthusiastically favourable. For me, a reading with Alison is always a journey into my Self and a treat for my Self. Blessed be." - Rachel W.

"I have had several Tarot readings with Alison and enjoyed every one of them. I admire Alison's ability to get information across in a sensitive manner that I am able to understand. Alison's accuracy is amazing - specifically she gave information about my new house and her timing about a relationship matter was 100% accurate. I have recommended her to several of my friends who agree that Alison is a very professional and caring Tarot Reader." - Lisa F.