Shamanism: A path of Creative Consciousness

Power Animal “And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.” Joni Mitchel

Shamanism is a range of  ancient cross cultural healing traditions which involve communication with Spirit for the purpose of guidance transformation and integration. 

When we embrace and heal the Soul in alliance with Nature Spirit we reconcile imbalance, free ourselves from fear and empower creative consciousness. Loving intention then guides each step of our unique journey. 

The greatest gift we can give the world is to realize our own magnificence so we can be empowered to co-create a world filled with love, freedom, beauty and peace.

Soul is the Divine Essence, Present in all Being; A Consciousness of Wholeness

With an extensive background in European and Core Shamanism I offer a variety of services and teachings. I have over 35 years of direct experience in the metaphysical arts and have studied Shamanism with some wonderful teachers in human form including Sandra Ingerman and Tom Cowan, as well as a host of wonderful guides and teachers in the world of Spirit.

I have always taken an eclectic approach to Spiritual healing and counseling which allows me the freedom and creativity to serve my community with confidence and effectiveness through the grace of Spirit and in the service of Love and Light.

ShamanShamanism Therapies and Psycho-Spiritual Counseling

*Have you been feeling depressed, "dis-Spirited" or disconnected from  your Spiritual path?

*Do you feel there is a part of you is "missing" or unavailable?

*Are there dis-empowering  patterns in your life you would like to be free from?

*Do you have chronic anxiety, fatigue, or invasive feelings of grief or anger?

*Do you feel run down, powerless or directionless?     

*Have you lost touch with your sense of purpose or possibility? 

*Do you feel there may be inherited unresolved ancestral issues burdening you?

The following Shamanic Healing Therapies     can help.


~Power Animal Retrieval: Meet and learn about your animal Spirit Guides (and Plant Spirit helpers)

~Soul Retrieval: reintegrate vital life force that may have been lost or waylaid due to life’s traumas.

~Soul Remembering: Regain your sense of purpose by reuniting with a vital Soul aspect that is noble, passionate and enthusiastic. 

~Tools and techniques for self care, building personal power, reconciling dualities, and Spiritual clearing.

~Divination of Personal healing rituals and elemental ‘prescriptions’ from Spirit

~Extraction Healing: To remove negative thought forms or spiritual intrusions that are lodged in the body.

~Past Life journeywork for insights into Karmic contracts and significant relationships.

~Soul Release Ceremony: An opportunity to unburden yourself of any Soul fragments belonging to others.

~Ancestral healing: to help address long-standing patterns, family dynamics or inherited issues.

Each session is approximately 2 hours in length. Please consider making a commitment to a series of sessions to receive the most benefit from this work. Packages available for 5 or more sessions.  

Instruction and guidance in Upper & Lower World Shamanic Journeywork is also available

Each person's needs must be treated individually, as no two life journeys will be the same.

You may enjoy beginning this work with Tarot Divination and a Chakra reading.