The 13th House Mystery Tradition is dedicated to the facilitation of self-realization and self-expression through creative acts.

The Thirteenth House Mystery Tradition maintains the beliefs:

-That the Divine Principle is manifest within the personal and the collective Self.
-That any and all initiatory entrance into this revealed mystery is undertaken by virtue of Self-Realization.
-That all people carry within them the knowledge of their own perfect and unique path, and thus are their own spiritual authorities.
-That we of the 13th House Mystery Tradition, as initiating Priestesses and Priests, serve merely as facilitators of entry into the Individual, Collective and ultimately Personal Mystery.

Structure of Tradition:
Circle or Clan structure, interconnecting groups of one to thirteen, (or more) individuals.

Origin of Tradition:
The Tradition was formalized on the Fall Equinox in 1993 by nine Founding Priestesses, all of whom were Initiatrix.

Growth and Expansion of Tradition:
The structure allows for "hiving-off" from founding body into sub-groups.

Rank and Hierarchy of Tradition:
-None. There is one initiation into the Mystery, whereupon Priestesses or Priests choose their Avocation.
-The core structure is focused upon Self-Expression through Creative Acts, with a focus upon Art, Performance, Healing or Teaching.
-A further initiation into the personal legacy of genetic or soul lineage is available for those who are called to create, perform, heal or teach under the auspices of the 13th House Mystery Tradition, whereupon the Priestess or Priest is entitled to represent the Tradition, if they so choose.

Initiation into Tradition:
Any and all initiations into the Personal Mystery of the Thirteenth House Tradition are to be undertaken after an apprenticeship to the Tradition for a period of time lasting a Year and a Day of study, observation and introspection, as well as the Tree of Knowledge initiation.

Dogma, Doctrine and Credo of Tradition:
In that this is a Revealed Mystery Tradition, no one dogma, lore or Book of Shadows is obligatory for initiates, Priestesses, or Priests of the Tradition. Each individual is empowered within the collective to formulate their own mythos, theology, theory and practice within the Wiccan Rede, including that of Shamanism.

Functions of the Thirteenth House Mystery Tradition:
-To provide a matrix with leadership for Self-Realization for individuals within the collective.
-To provide public classes, conduct Rituals and facilitate initiation into the Mystery of the Tradition, when appropriate.
-To provide private, personal teaching and guidance when initiation into the Tradition is appropriate, within the context of Witchcraft and Shamanism.

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