Art and Soul

AlisonWith every breath, every thought, and every step you take on your unique path, you are like an artist painting a masterpiece. Together we are in a constant state of creative process, inventing and recreating our Selves, our future, our world. 

This magical journey is a kind of alchemy: the act of transforming the raw materials of life, both internal and external, into rich gold - symbolizing the true essence and expression of the love that we are here to share. To do this we become like the “Hollow Bone”, clear and light, a conduit for the guidance of Spirit.

As Shaman, artist and Wiccan, I am constantly exploring the relationship between magic and creative self-expression as a means to explore, heal and transform myself and others. My art reflects my spirit and is an expression of the magic that I perceive all around me, in nature, in the souls of the subjects of my portraits, and in the sacred order of the universe itself.

The Power of Creative Consciousness is embodied in the elemental forces of nature that are the building blocks of the universe, and of the divine essence or "SoulSelf" that resides within each individual's being, guiding us always, towards wholeness. 

Through creative acts of Shamanic magic, both personal and collective, we transform fear, self doubt, and inner conflict, and engage in the magical conversation with the Soul that connects us with our divine Self. In order to clearly present my work I have separated it into categories, but in fact they are as interconnected as body, mind and spirit.